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Capitec is fast becoming the go to bank of South Africa. Simplicity at its finest Capitec believes that simple things shouldn’t be complicate unnecessarily. When it comes to Personal Loans Capitec applies this philosophy to their great loan offering as well.

Capitec has condensed their credit, transaction and savings facilities into the convenience of their Global One Account. In the essence of making banking easier Capitec has now made getting a Personal Loan simple and fast while making it just as simple to pay back.

Capitec has two different types of Personal Loans. Here they are with their respective benefits:

  • Regular Loan– This loan can be up to R230 000, perfect for those big plans that you need the capital for. It is repayable over 2 to 84 months and your monthly repayment fee is fixed. The interest on the loan is determined by your current credit status and affordability. In addition to the loan Capitec offer free insurance to cover your repayments in the event of retrenchment or death.
  • Multi Loan– This loan is perfect for unforeseen emergency when that little bit of extra cash is needed. With up R4 000 available it is just what you may need to get through the crisis. This loan is repayable in full every month and the interest charged is linked to the amount loaned.

All of Capitec’s Personal Loan options are approved within minutes and the cash is available immediately. Making it easier for you to get on with life. With simply your I.D book, salary slip, original proof of residence and three months bank statement you can be on your way to getting that loan today.

Use Capitec today to get the cash you need fast with their Personal Loans.

APPLY for a personal loan today.

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